Adventure Kamchatka

Monster broun bears & giant moose

Kamchatka covers more than 370,000 km² and is East Asia’s largest peninsula and is located between the Bering Strait and the Okhotsk Sea or Sakhalin. Kamchatka’s most important city is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The peninsula is 1,200 km long and 450 km wide. Kamchatka is not only the land of premium trophy-sized bears but also the land of volcanos and geysers.


Which game species are here, see above. Below you will find the trophy gallery for the wild species that occur.

Trophy gallery



Travelling to Kamchatka does not pose a problem. Your journey begins with the flight to Russia’s Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow where you will be picked up. After completing all formalities you will be accompanied to the domestic airport, Domodedovo. In the afternoon you will fly from Moscow to the east, reaching Petropavlovsk. The flight is about nine hours. On arrival in Petropavlovsk you will travel northwards to Esso by helicopter or car. Depending on the weather, the journey takes 6 - 8 hours by car or 2 - 2.5 hours in an MI-8 helicopter.

The hunting area to which we have access around Esso, contain a large population of trophy-sized moose, bears and Siberian big-horn sheep. A combination of all three wild species is possible.

Take a look at the hunting areas by navigating and zooming the map.
  • Airport Petropavlovsk
  • Hunting area for bears in spring
  • Hunting area for combination moos, bear and Kamchatka snow sheep


Moos hunt:

You will stay in a very luxurious hotel for this hunting trip. The 3 star hotel is located close to the hunting areas which you can reach in only 20 - 30 minutes. During your stay in the hotel you will have a single room with an en-suite bathroom. You can let us know your menu preferences. We can buy fresh fish in the Elizovo fish market and prepare it for you in the hotel. The very agreeable and welcoming hotel has hot springs in its grounds which are at your disposal.

Bear hunt:

Your accommodation has been carefully planned, in heated log cabins that are well equipped. In our base camp, which accommodates 6 hunters, there is a hot spring where you can take a relaxing bath after your hunt in the midst of the breathtaking natural landscape of Kamchatka.

Our two spike camps have space for 3 hunters and include a sauna. You will be flown to your accommodation in a MI-8 helicopter from Yelisovo.